WE SWEAT ON 3 June 2016

@ a Top Secret Downtown Location.


What is RIDE vs ONE?


RIDE VS ONE = 1 spin class for 1 hour to build 1 school in Ethiopia.


RIDE vs ONE was founded to subvert traditional fundraising models & events. Instead of a fancy gala, what if we sweat together?
What if we traded tuxes & ball gowns for shorts & no makeup? From this ethos,
RIDE vs ONE was born. We deliver the same level of premium experience you’d expect at a black tie event but it’s laid back.

We proudly work in partnership with Ride Cycle Club, the sweatiest spin studio in Vancouver!

How do I participate in RIDE vs ONE?

Participating in RIDE vs ONE is very simple: sign up + fundraise + ride

Date: Friday, June 3 2016 @ 7 PM
Bikes: There are ONLY 40! Limited spaces available!
Location: A VERY TOP SECRET famous downtown Vancouver institution
The Ride: A sweaty 60 min spin class. Beginners welcome!
Your entry ticket: $2000 to ride a bike (fundraised as a team or independently)

Anyone can participate in RIDE VS ONE. We believe everyone can give and we created a democratic model to be a part of RIDE VS ONE. 

To be one of the 40 riders, simply commit to fundraising $2000 by May 28 2016.

Who rides in this event?

The intention of RIDE VS ONE is to be equalizing & democratic. The event is premium like a gala but laid back. You show up in your workout clothes and sweat for a good cause.

2015 brought together all kinds of people: CEOs of multimillion dollar businesses, corporate sponsors, artists, techies, retail superstars and more.  The room was full of electric energy! 

RIDE VS ONE welcomes all to attend! In 2015 over 50% of the room had never done a spin class before.

Where does the money go?

In 2016 RIDE vs ONE will benefit www.imagine1day.org. They build schools & transform communities in Ethiopia, give access to girls to attend school & the money raised supports a three-year program for the entire community.

What we love most: 100% of the money directly goes to school projects thanks to Chip & Shannon Wilson who pay for all administration & operational costs!

Your money goes to building the school, training teachers, buying school supplies, sports equipment, gender specific bathrooms (very important for girls to be granted permission to attend school), & much more.



Q: How do I secure my bike?
A: Click the link below

Sign up now! It takes 5 min!

Q: How long is the ride?
A: 60 minutes of pure sweat 

This is a full body workout.

Q: Who is leading the class?
A: We like secrets.

That's half the fun, right?


fundraising your bike

Q: What is the total cost of a bike?
A: The cost of your bike is $2000.

With 40 bikes in total, we will raise $80,000 towards building a school.

Q: How can I pay for the bike?
A: Bikes can be paid for in three ways:

1. Fundraise your bike as a team
2. Fundraise your bike independently
3. Pay for it in full by calling Mary Speer at (604) 739-3311

Q: Do you accept cheques?

Cheques should be made payable to imagine1day & can be sent to:

Attn: Mary Speer c/o RIDE VS ONE

Suite 600 - 21 Water Street, Vancouver BC Canada, V6B 1A1

Please call Mary Speer at 604.739.3311 to ensure you receive your tax receipt. 

Q: Can I seriously raise $2000?
A: You can do whatever you put your mind to.

We believe in you! Create a team to help you fundraise!

Q: Can a team fundraise a bike?
A: Absolutely!

Set up your fundraising page as a team.  If you grab 4 friends you only need to raise $500 per person! #inthebag

Q: If a team fundraises a bike, can only one person ride?
A: Yes, only one person can ride.

This is a very intimate ride; and like all RIDE classes, we close the room for one hour. Work with your team to choose who rides, i.e. flip a coin, Rock, Paper, Scissors, dance off (a personal fav)

Q: When does the money need to be raised by?
A: May 28 2016.

Feel like you can't meet that deadline? Contact us. Let's talk.



Q: Where can people donate if I'm fundraising my bike?
A: People can donate directly to your personalized fundraising page.

You can setup your personalized fundraising page by clicking this link.

If you have any issues, please email info@imagine1day.org

Share your personalized link with the world and raise that cake!

Q: I don't know anyone riding. Can I make a general donation?
A: Oh yeah!



Q: What is it like to spin at RIDE CYCLE CLUB?
A: Unlike anything you've experienced.

We ride together, as a pack, to the beat of the music. The lights are low, the beat is pumping, the candles are lit, and your body is alive.

You leave transformed in mind, body and spirit.


Q: I've never done spin before. Can i do this ride?
A: Yes you can. You can do anything you set your mind to.

Fun Fact: 50% of the riders in the 2015 RIDE vs ONE had never done a spin class @ Ride Cycle Club. Come into the studio and we'll ensure you are ready for the event!

Q: Where can I find more info about ride cycle club?
A: www.ridecycleclub.com

Visit us in the studio. We would love to connect!


1. Your thoughts become things. If you think it's EASY to raise the money, it will be! Invite people to share in building a school and educating a community!

2. Share, share, share. People want to help -- they just need to be asked.  You instagram your ice cream sandwiches so share this amazing charity and ask people to be a contribution!

3. Ask others to help you raise funds. Send your fundraising link to your parents, friends, coworkers, etc and ask them to support you to raise money

4. Follow up with people directly. Remember, this isn't for you -- this is for children in Ethiopia. People get busy so they need a reminder. 

5. Include that 100% of the funds directly benefit the school which we track to the penny and all donations will receive a tax receipt.





604.915.RIDE (7433)

Street parking on Hamilton.
Parkade located in back alley.