transforming the future

RIDE VS ONE is raising money to build a school for the rural Ethiopian community of Tule Ade. 

The community of 3,578 people is located in Oromia's Bale Zone. The community as 757 children who should be in early childhood or primary school. Only 53% are enrolled. For those students that do attend, their school is in terrible condition. Classrooms are made of crumbling mud or are simply iron sheets propped up on sticks.  There are only enough desks for less than 20% of children. There is no early childhood education, playground, water and no latrine. 

The poor learning environment has a huge impact on education. Students enrolled only attend 66% of the time, and because there are no facilities to support the second cycle of primary school (grade 5-8), there is an incredibly high dropout rate before Grade 5. That’s the equivalent of you ending school at 10 years old.  Only 21% of students enrolled can read to the national standard or above.